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Taiwan to send Covid aid to India this weekend | India News


TAIPEI: Taiwan bought 150 oxygen concentrators and aims to send them to India this weekend to help it deal with a massive increase in Covid-19 infections, and is also looking to provide more help, the foreign minister said on Thursday, Joseph Wu.
Countries around the world have rushed to help India ease the crisis. India’s death toll from the coronavirus pandemic topped 200,000 on Wednesday, exacerbated by a shortage of hospital beds and medical oxygen.
Wu told reporters that they had been working on an aid package for India and had already purchased 150 oxygen concentrators that should be able to ship this weekend.
“We are in the process of buying more oxygen concentrators and buying raw materials from abroad so that our companies at home can produce even more,” he said.
An oxygen concentrator reduces nitrogen from an air supply to produce an oxygen-enriched air supply to a patient.
Taiwan is also considering providing other assistance requested by India, Wu added.
While India, like most countries, has no formal diplomatic ties to Taiwan, claimed by China, the two have grown closer in recent years thanks to their shared antipathy for Beijing.
Taiwan views India as an important democracy and like-minded friend, and there are also close cultural and economic ties.
Last year, Taiwan accused China of trying to impose censorship on India after its embassy in New Delhi advised journalists to abide by the “one China” principle after newspapers ran announcements for Taiwan’s national day.

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