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HC Says Delhi Government’s Order to Take Control of Oxygen Recharge Plant Will Not Affect Haryana Supply | India News


HC Says Delhi Government's Order to Take Control of Oxygen Recharge Plant Will Not Affect Haryana Supply | India News

NEW DELHI: The Delhi High Court made it clear on Thursday that its order for the Delhi government to take over oversight of an oxygen filling plant, which also supplies neighboring states, will not adversely affect oxygen supply to Haryana.
The court order came in a request filed by the Haryana government seeking clarification on the April 27 order to take over ‘Seth Air’, found in Palwal and supplies oxygen cylinders in Delhi and Haryana.
“We made it clear that the management taking over the supervision of the ‘Seth Air’ plant by Delhi government officials would have no adverse effect on the oxygen supply to Haryana in terms of allocation. The request is ready ”, a bank of judges Vipin Sanghi and Rekha Palli saying.
An advocate from a hospital in Gurgaon said he approached the Punjab and Haryana High Court regarding the oxygen supply by ‘Seth Air’ to the hospital in Haryana as per the assignment and as the Delhi High Court approved the takeover order, they were asked to move here.
The Delhi High Court was informed that the allocation for Haryana and Delhi was 21 and 38.5 metric tons per day of liquid medical oxygen, respectively, from this recharge plant.
The bank, which has been monitoring the COVID-19 situation in Delhi, including the oxygen crisis, had on April 27 ordered the Delhi government to take over the ‘Seth Air’ oxygen recharge plant for failing to supply gas to hospitals here and probably sell it. on the black market, and made it clear that the same action must be taken with regard to other vendors refusing to align.
The recharger had claimed that he was ready to supply oxygen cylinders to various hospitals, but the institutions said that they had arranged it with some other supplier or that the Delhi government was not sending him details of the hospitals where he has to make the supplies. .
However, the court refused to agree with him and threatened to arrest and hang him in the event of a wrongful death.


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