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Delhi LG Anil Baijal Issues Order After Entry into Force of GNCTD Law | India News


Delhi LG Anil Baijal Issues Order After Entry into Force of GNCTD Law | India News

NEW DELHI: One day after the National Government Capital The Delhi Territory (Amendment) Act 2021 came into force, Delhi LG Anil Baijal issued an order specifying the matters on which LG’s opinion must be obtained before taking any executive action based on the decision of the Minister council of a minister, to exercise the powers of government, state government, appropriate government, LG, administrator or chief commissioner under any law in force in the Capital.
These matters, according to the order issued on Wednesday and notified a day later, including those that fall under any law issued by Parliament or extended to the Delhi NCT by the central government regarding any matter listed in the State Concurrent List of the Constitution.
In addition, LG’s opinion will also be required for matters that fall under the law drawn up by the Delhi Legislature, including matters that have direct or indirect effect on any of the matters on which LG must act on its behalf. discretion in accordance with section 41 of the GNCTD Act of 1991, ie police, public order. land, services, etc. Other matters that require LG’s opinion include the elaboration of subordinate legislation, that is, rules, regulations, schemes, statutes, etc. establishment or constitution / reconstitution of statutory bodies, such as authority, board, committee, commission, etc. matters related to the Delhi recommendations Finance Commission constituted under the Delhi Finance Commission 1994 Law; conditional release under the Delhi Prisons Act 2000 and the rules set out thereunder; and matters specified in Rule 23 of the Delhi National Capital Territory Government Business Transaction Rules, 1993.
One official said that following the order, if LG wants, it can release funds for DCMs in accordance with the Finance Commission’s recommendations. In addition, LG will have a say in decisions to establish committees, such as one that can carry Facebook or even bodies like the Delhi Dialogue Commission.


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