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Covid-19: MHA Notice Calls on States to Take Containment Measures | India News


NEW DELHI: Based on a framework issued by the Ministry of Health on April 25, the Center on Thursday suggested intensive, local containment measures focused on districts and areas with positive tests of 10% and more in the last week and where more 60% of the oxygen or ICU beds are occupied.
The MHA order, invoking the provisions of the Disaster Management Act of 2005, directed states and UT to consider containment measures such as restrictions on meetings, market operations, offices, schools and universities and intensified testing and follow-up for immediate implementation based on your assessment of the situation until May 31.
Despite the increase in Covid-positive cases and deaths in April, the MHA’s new guidelines on Covid containment avoided imposing lockdowns and left it to states and UT to design their own containment strategies based on the Health Ministry advisory.
He said that national directives for the management of Covid-19, which require the use of face masks and social distancing in public places and the encouragement of working from home, will continue to be strictly followed. All district magistrates are required to strictly enforce state directives on restraint measures, as well as national guidelines. The violations, the MHA order said, would attract criminal prosecution under the Disaster Management Act.
The Ministry of Health had requested measures such as a night curfew, the prohibition of public gatherings for political, social, religious, sporting or entertainment purposes, the limitation of attendance at weddings to 50 and funerals to 20, the closure of shopping complexes, movie theaters, gyms, spas, restaurants (dining), stadiums and public transportation operating at 50%, and a 50% limit on attendance in government and private offices.
“However, these are indicative activities, and the states and UT should make a careful analysis of the local situation, the areas to be covered and the probability of transmission and then make a decision,” the Ministry of Health had advised.
The restrictions were prescribed for 14 days in all containment zones, which will be declared so after a public announcement describing the rationale and nature of the restrictions, while calling for a test-follow-treatment-vaccine approach and appropriate behavior from Covid is ensured.
In addition to suggesting vaccination to 100% of eligible age groups, the health ministry had said that details of hospital beds and the status of vacancies will be available online on a daily basis. He also said that details on the availability of oxygen, drugs, vaccines and vaccination centers, including guidelines related to the use of drugs such as Remdesivir and Tocilizumab, should be widely publicized to build public confidence.

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