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Close fight in Bengal; DMK back in TN; LDF to retain Kerala, BJP Assam: exit polls | India News


NEW DELHI: west bengal addresses an assembly hanging with him TMC Y BJP in a fight to the end, while the DMK led by MK Stalin is set to make a triumphant return in Tamil Nadu, he predicted Exit polls Thursday.
According to exit polls, the LDF and the BJP will hold power in Kerala and Assam, respectively, while the NDA will form the government in Puducherry.
Here is a summary of all the predictions from the exit polls:
west bengal
Exit polls predicted a hung assembly in the most heavily guarded state with a close contest between ruling TMC and rival BJP.
An exit poll poll predicted 141 seats for the TMC in the 294-member assembly, while the BJP is projected to get 138 seats.
Voting was delayed in two electoral districts due to the death of the candidates, causing the new majority to mark 147.

This means that the TMC may have a difficult time staying in power and is likely to face a formidable challenge from the BJP, which won just 3 seats in 2016.
The Times Now-CVoter exit poll predicted 158 seats for the TMC and 115 for the BJP in the 294-member assembly.
Republic CNX predicted a hung assembly with the BJP emerging as the largest party with 143 seats.
Jan Ki Baat predicted a great victory for the BJP with 174 seats.
India Today-Axis My India predicted a hung assembly in the state with BJP having the upper hand.
Tamil nadu
MK Stalin will become the new prime minister of Tamil Nadu with his DMK comfortably displacing the ruling AIADMK, exit polls predicted.
A poll of six exit polls showed that the party led by MK Stalin will win 175 seats in the 234-member assembly.

AIADMK, which is seeking a third consecutive term, will stay well below the majority mark and manage just 55 seats, exit polls predicted.
Most exit polls gave just 1-2 sets to the MNM led by Kamal Haasan, who is making his political debut this year. The AMMK alliance led by TTV Dhinakaran will administer only two seats, exit polls showed.
Among exit polls, Axis My India predicted the highest share of seats for DMK at 185 and only 46 for AIADMK.
AIADMK had won 136 seats in the 2016 elections, while DMK had won 98.
The LDF Kerala led by Pinarayi Vijayan will comfortably cling to power in Kerala with a poll of five exit polls showing 88 seats for the ruling alliance.
All exit polls unanimously predicted that the UDF opposition will again fall short this year and manage only 51 seats in the 140-member assembly.
Among exit polls, Axis My India forecasts the most seats for LDF at 112, while three others project an average of 75 seats.

If the predictions of the exit polls are true, it will be the first time in 40 years that the state will re-elect the ruling government.
Meanwhile, the BJP is unlikely to make progress in the state and will win just 1 seat, as it did in 2016, according to an aggregate from the exit polls. Axis My India, however, projected 3 seats for the saffron party.
According to exit polls, the BJP will remain in power in Assam in 2021.
A poll of four exit polls predicted 73 seats for the NDA in the 126-member House.

The NDA comprises BJP and Asom Gana Parishad (AGP).
Meanwhile, the opposition mega-alliance led by Congress and AIUDF will handle just 52 seats, exit polls predicted.
Exit polls predicted a clear victory for the NDA in the Union Territory, which is currently under the government of the president.
A poll of three exit polls predicted that the NDA will win 21 seats in the 30-member assembly, while the UPA will only achieve 9.

The UPA, led by Congress-DMK, had lost power just weeks before the assembly elections in Puducherry, after failing to achieve a majority in the assembly.

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