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America determined to help the people of India: NSA Sullivan | India News


America determined to help the people of India: NSA Sullivan | India News

WASHINGTON: The United States is determined to help the people of India in this time of crisis, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said here that the nation’s first shipment of key life-saving medical supplies took off from California.
“The United States is determined to help the people of India. We will continue to be united in our shared battle against Covid-19,” Sullivan said in a tweet on Wednesday shortly after the White House announced that it will deliver over $ 100 million worth of Covid-19 emergency supplies in the coming days to India.
The Biden administration’s move came days after Sullivan, in a call with his Indian counterpart Ajit Doval, announced a series of Covid-19 emergency aid to India.
On Monday, President Joe Biden spoke with the Prime Minister Narendra modi. The President of the United States is believed to have pledged all the support that India would need in its fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.
Biden has ordered the entire administration to work on the warpath to save lives in India. The Pentagon it is also deploying its resources.
The USIAD said it is airlifting vital medical supplies to India to save lives, stop the spread of Covid-19 and meet the urgent health needs of the Indian people.
“We will ship critical oxygen and O2 related supplies, N95 masks and rapid diagnostic test kits to India with more on the way soon,” he tweeted.
In a tweet, Indian-American Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi said that the United States cannot remain isolationist because variants of Covid-19 in India can get on a plane or ship and easily come and dismantle America’s pandemic progress.
“That is why we are sending vaccines and supplies,” he added.
In a separate tweet, Senator Ed Markey said it was the moral obligation of the United States to support other nations like India facing deadly outbreaks of Covid-19.
“We are asking Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson for their plans to make their vaccines accessible to those who desperately need them. A global pandemic demands global solutions, ”he said.
Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee welcomed US aid to India.
“Applauding President Biden for his help for India. We must continue to monitor India’s needs and provide them with resources as soon as they need them. necessary. I am very pleased to note that Pakistan is offering ambulance support to India, ”he said.
“I hope this is an opportunity for these two countries to work together. And I mourn the loss of thousands of people who have lost their lives in India due to Covid-19, ”said Jackson-Lee.


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