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A preview of Kerala’s exit polls “predict” the return of the left | India News


A preview of Kerala's exit polls "predict" the return of the left | India News

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Despite the fact that the official announcement of the various exit polls conducted especially by TV channels in Kerala will be officially released on Thursday after 7pm, preliminary indications say that the left-wing government led by Pinarayi Vijayan has a good chance to create an electoral history by becoming the first government to retain power.
Although exit poll results have begun to leak unofficially and are not looking good to the Congressional-led opposition, they continue to show a sense of confidence that none of the polls conducted thus far have been correct.
Kerala went to the polls on April 6 to elect 140 lawmakers and the count will take place on Sunday.
Putting on a strong face a Congress Leader on condition of hearing the unofficial report of the exit polls, said that in general the Congress Party does not give much importance to such an exercise, that they are not infallible.
“Aside from giving a feel-good factor, when you listen, there is nothing beyond that. Has any electoral agency predicted that Congress led UDF would win 19 out of 20 Lok Sabha seats in the 2019 polls. So we don’t give it any meaning, even if it favors us. We know that we are sure to win with around 75 to 80 seats, ”said the leader of Congress.
Another congressional leader pointed out that, to some extent, exit polls go well when there is a clear winner, but fail when there is close competition.
“This time everyone has accepted that there were very close fights in at least two dozen seats and in those seats, I could go to the two traditional fronts and in some places where the BJP it is strong, it could also go to any of the three fronts. Therefore, in these electoral districts, no computational exercise of this type has become correct so far. Anyway we have been looking forward to it since April 6th. So let’s wait another two days, ”said the congressional leader.
However, following the emergence of unofficial reports, senior UDF officials led by Congress were wary of the way the voting for the previous 80 years was conducted and the way mail ballots were handled for election officials, who collectively account for around 5 lakhs of votes. and everyone knows that the machinery of the left in such an exercise is much better than that of its rivals and in close contests, this could well be the deciding factor.
On Wednesday Vijayan, sporting a ‘mischievous smile’, reiterated to the media that no one needs to build castles in the air. He had just left after chairing the last cabinet meeting.
The Congress-led UDF woke up on Thursday to the news of the 56-year-old’s death. Malappuram district Congressional Committee President VV Prakash, who was the candidate in the Nilambur constituency and the party were extremely confident that he would win the polls.
Prakash suffered cardiac arrest the same day and was taken dead to a hospital in Manjeri, Malappuram district.
So, right now, the left definitely seems to be sitting well, while Congress is biting its nails until Sunday.


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