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Vaccination for over 18s: more than 80 lakh registered, says government | India News


NEW DELHI: The Union Health Ministry clarified on Wednesday that some reports suggesting that the CoWin app had crashed during the first day of the phase 3 vaccination controller were “incorrect” and the digital platform continues to function without any issues. technical.
He stated that the capacity of servers and other parameters have been increased to match the scale of unprecedented immunization.
“Some of the media reports suggested today that the Co-WIN platform was not responding / exceeding the capacity of the server and was unable to respond to the unprecedented number of logs that were taking place. Clarified that the media reports that the server has been blocked are incorrect and have no basis, “the Health Ministry said in a statement.
“The server that supports the Co-Win digital portal continues to run smoothly at maximum efficiency. People are signing up for the platform, mostly in the 18-44 age group,” he added.
The government said that CoWin had witnessed more than 80 lakhs of people signing up for the portal, with 3 hours from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm.
“It is registering 55,000 accesses per second and is completely stable. Detailed statistics related to registration, vaccinations, etc., can be seen at dashboard.cowin.gov.in,” the government reported.
Earlier in the day, many people complained that they were unable to access the CoWin portal or app shortly after registrations opened at 4pm. Many used social media to share screenshots of pages displaying the “504 Gateway Time-Out” error.
Some people trying to log in also complained that they could not receive the OTP, which is required for registration.
Shortly after users complained about a glitch, mobile app Twitter admin Aarogya Setu clarified that the CoWIN portal is working and that there was a minor glitch at 4pm, which was fixed.
He also said that vaccination appointments for those 18 and older will be possible once the state governments and private vaccination centers schedule the vaccination sessions.
At 9 p.m., the CoWin dashboard showed that nearly a million people had signed up for vaccination.

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