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Over Rs 1.2 Crore Recorded When Over 18 Vaccination Campaign Opens, But You Can’t Schedule A Jab Yet | India News


Over Rs 1.2 Crore Recorded When Over 18 Vaccination Campaign Opens, But You Can't Schedule A Jab Yet | India News

NEW DELHI: An enthusiastic response welcomed the opening of online inscriptions for Covid-19 vaccination for over 18s on Wednesday with the Co-win platform that records registrations of more than 1.23 million rupees, although it is not yet possible to schedule appointments for May 1 onwards.
Of the online registrations, 90% of users signed up after 4 p.m., when the portal began accepting more than 18 recipients, a senior official said.
The exact number of new beneficiaries would be a dynamic number, officials said. In the first three hours (4-7 PM), 383 million visits to the API were recorded, initially as high as 2.7 million visits per minute. Up to 1.45 crore of text messages were successfully delivered, the Health Ministry said.
The registration process was accompanied by the announcement that appointments at state government centers and private centers will depend on how many centers are ready on May 1 for the vaccination of more than 18 beneficiaries. Several states have indicated in recent days that they may not be able to start the campaign on May 1 as they are still pinning supplies.
The platform experienced initial crashes as the system was flooded with registration requests and no OTPs were received and the drop down menus did not work for a while. However, the portal became accessible after a while and registrations went smoothly shortly after being opened.
Although scheduling was not possible, the spike in registrations and high interest in the younger population, as evidenced by social media and WhatsApp conversations, was a welcome sign amid concerns that new infections would put off people to be vaccinated. It will help convince states, private hospitals, and vaccine manufacturers that there is a demand for inoculation.
As of now, jabs are available in private hospitals only for 45+ people until the end of the month. Thereafter, the vaccine implementation supported by the Center for this category will be available only in government hospitals.
Under the new scheme, states, private hospitals and companies can access 50% of the production of Covishield Y Covaxin for the category of 18 years or more. The intention, according to central officials, is to allow states greater leeway in planning campaigns and creating incentives for vaccine manufacturers to boost production. The higher price in private hospitals will also allow those who can afford to reduce the burden on government facilities.
Until now, the campaign has been driven by walk-ins. Out of the total registrations of 14.71 million rupees so far, 9.33 billion are walk-ins, 2.82 billion people are online. State governments have also registered around 2.55 crore of frontline and healthcare workers. According to officials, online logs witnessed a big jump after 4 p.m. Wednesday.
For people between 18 and 44 years old, online registration and appointment booking is mandatory for vaccination. Eligible beneficiaries can register directly on the Co-Win portal (cowin.gov.in) or through the Aarogya Setu app.
The government maintained that the appointment of 18 to 44 is based on the spaces available by the private vaccination centers, as well as by the respective state governments. While many were disappointed by the lack of availability of spaces, officials asked for patience and said they will be offered soon.
“Things will get better in 8-10 days. Most states and private hospitals are still working with vaccine manufacturers. For many, supplies are on the way. Plus, private hospitals are overloaded right now. due to increased infection. So resources are limited but it will improve as we move forward, “said a senior official.
While some people initially faced registration issues, the Health Ministry said the server supporting the Co-Win digital portal continues to run smoothly at maximum efficiency.
“These statistics indicate that, far from failing or running slowly, the system is running flawlessly. It is registering 55,000 visits per second and is completely stable,” he said.


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