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EC puts net TMC under 24-hour surveillance | India News


EC puts net TMC under 24-hour surveillance | India News

NEW DELHI: The Electoral Commission Tuesday he placed the Birbhum district president TMCAnubrata Mondal on 24-hour surveillance until the night of April 30 in view of the serious complaints and comments received against him from various sources, including the district administration.
This is the third consecutive election in which Mondal has been placed under surveillance by the local magistrate. Similar measures were taken in the 2016 assembly elections in West Bengal, as well as in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The EC said that, based on serious complaints from several people and the Birbhum district magistrate’s report and the SP, was ordering Mondal to be kept under strict surveillance by the executive magistrate and the central armed police forces (CAPF) throughout the day starting at 5 pm. from April 27 to 7 pm on April 30 “to guarantee free and fair elections.”
He also ordered the videography to be time / date stamped. “The team set up for this purpose should be made up of CAPF staff under a local magistrate,” said EC, asking the West Bengal electoral director to ensure compliance and confirm the actions taken.
The Trinamool The leader arrived at the Bolpur party office on Tuesday afternoon, shortly after the order of the Election Commission, and stayed there until 5 pm holding meetings with party workers. “The people of Birbhum will give an adequate response to this order from the EC, which is intended to harass me. This will not help the BJP. They cannot defeat Trinamool Congress keeping me on the alert, ”Mondal said, adding that he would oversee the voting process on Thursday even while under surveillance.
Trinamool spokesman Kunal Ghosh said his party would win regardless of whether Mondal was kept under surveillance. “The EC has lost credibility and is working as a BJP tool,” he added.


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