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Covid Vaccine: Failure, Confusion and Clarification as Government Opens Online Reservation for Over 18s | India News


NEW DELHI: Online registration for everyone 18+ for Covid-19 vaccination opened today at 4pm on cowin.gov.in and the Aarogya Setu app.
After registration, requesting an appointment to receive the Covid-19 vaccine would be mandatory for people between the ages of 18 and 44, as walk-in visits will not initially be allowed, authorities said.
People Complain About CoWIN Failures
Shortly after registrations opened, several people complained that they were unable to access the CoWin portal and the app.
Many took to social media to share screenshots of pages displaying the “504 Gateway Time-Out” error.

While some complained that the portal was unresponsive, others complained that it had been blocked. There was a great rush for registration, as the government has already clarified that there will be no walk-in vaccination for beneficiaries in the third phase.

While the portal was facing server issues, people were unable to log in and register to schedule an appointment to receive the vaccine.
Confusion prevailed
Some people trying to log in were unable to receive the OTP, which is required for registration.

Some who were able to log in said the app shows that vaccines are not available to people in the 18-45 age group.

The message that appeared on the website said that if you do not see a vaccination center for your age group, it means that government and private facilities are not yet open for scheduling appointments in your area, and the list will be updated soon.
Government clarification
Shortly after users complained about a glitch, mobile app Twitter admin Aarogya Setu clarified that the CoWIN portal is working and that there was a minor glitch at 4pm, which was fixed.

He also said that vaccination appointments for those 18 and older will be possible once the state governments and private vaccination centers schedule the vaccination sessions.

RS Sharma, executive director of the National Health Authority, were ready and prepared for a large number of records.
“Appointment will be based on available facilities. The program will begin on May 1. There may be situations where some states will arrive on May 1, while others will be able to arrive later. Visibility on reservations or vacancies will be available as that the facilities are incorporated. Therefore, people have to be patient. We are creating a separate search facility to look at the available vacancies, “he said.
“There will not be a situation where everyone is ready at the same time. We started the program and they will continue to come on board. Some may arrive early and some may arrive later. The system must continue,” he added.
More than 35 lakhs of people registered in the first hour
When the mad struggle to register for the Covid vaccine began among those in the age group of 18 to 44 on the CoWIN portal, Aarogya Setu said that more than 35 lakhs of people registered in the first hour after launch.

Nearly a million people applied for vaccination within hours when CoWIN opened enrollment.
States are wary of vaccine shortages
Maharashtra Health Minister Rajesh Tope said that the Covid-19 vaccination campaign starting on May 1 cannot be launched in Maharashtra due to lack of sufficient doses of vaccines.
The Goa government may not be able to start vaccinating people in the 18-45 age group as of May 1, as it has no vaccine stocks yet. The Health Services Directorate has placed orders with the SII, but they still do not have a commitment to supply. The West Bengal government has decided to purchase vaccine doses on behalf of private hospitals to ensure that the inoculation campaign does not stop abruptly next month.
But given the logistical problems of the orders that are placed and the deliveries that are made in the few days left this month, there is a cloud over the unit in the private Covid vaccination centers (CVC) as of May 1 .

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