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Congress demands the resignation of the Minister of Health for handling the Covid situation | India News


NEW DELHI: Congress alleged on Wednesday that Health Minister Harsh Vardhan failed to manage the Covid-19 pandemic and demanded his removal. Congressional spokesman Supriya Shrinate called on Prime Minister Narendra Modi to identify those responsible for the current situation and remove them from his government.
He also alleged that the empowered group of ministers dealing with oxygen met after a year.
“If Jordan’s health minister can resign because of six deaths, then he should at least have some moral compulsion, Dr. Harsh Vardhan, he should resign. If he doesn’t have that, his boss, Prime Minister Modi, should wake up and fire them. “Shrinate told reporters.
“Please start identifying the useless people in your government and at least remove Health Minister Harsh Vardhan,” he told the prime minister.
Noting that Vardhan does not have the morality to resign, Shrinate said: “We demand that the Minister of Health be removed immediately.”
She said this is the same health minister who had said the end of the coronavirus had come and mocked the leader of Congress, Rahul Gandhi, when he warned of the worsening situation.
“He (Vardhan) should apologize to the people of the country for the way they are suffering,” Shrinate said.
Noting that the pandemic is the greatest tragedy of our time, he said the government should not indulge in the blame game and that trying to hide the numbers would not help.
The congressional leader pointed out that many lives could have been saved if the management of the situation had been better.
The government should not blame the states for the situation, since the National Disaster Management Law is in force and the distribution of resources and vaccines is in the hands of the Center, he said.
Confronting the Health Minister over his comments that India is better positioned in 2021 than 2020 to handle Covid-19, the congressional leader said it is regrettable that he is stating so.
“Who is responsible for the current situation and this mismanagement?” she asked.
Shrinate also accused the Center of misplaced priorities and asked why it has declared the Central Vista project essential. He said the amount of money being spent on the new Parliament building could have been used to improve health infrastructure at a time when people are desperately looking for them.

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