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25,000 participated in the last Kumbh shahi snan | India News


HARIDWAR: Amid the massive increase in Covid-19 cases, the last shahi snan of the Maha kumbh because of Chaitra Purnima Tuesday was a relatively quiet affair compared to previous shahi snans.
In the morning when the shahi snan ritual began, the turnout was estimated to be around 3 lakh. Officials announced in the evening that around 25,000 people had participated in the shahi snan as of 5 p.m.

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Even 3 lakh or even 25,000 is too large a number of people to congregate at the height of a deadly epidemic. With the increase in deaths everywhere, especially in the last fortnight, the state government should have made sure that the last shahi snan was a symbolic event. Now one can only hope this doesn’t turn out to be a superpreader event.

Sanjay Gunjyal, IG (Kumbh), told TOI, “Seers of the 13 Akhadas came to Harki-Pauri in limited quantities. Around 25,000 pilgrims and seers participated in the last shahi snan. All Covid-19 protocols and other standard operating procedures were strictly enforced. “The Akhada sanyasi – Niranjani and Anand – took the first dip, followed by Juna, Agni, Ahavan, Mahanirvani, and Section akhadas.

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