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Oxygen demand will increase in New Delhi, 6 states before April 30: Government of South Carolina | India News


Oxygen demand will increase in New Delhi, 6 states before April 30: Government of South Carolina | India News

NEW DELHI: If medical oxygen demand is an indicator of the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic, the CenterAffidavit before the Supreme Court predicts tougher times for seven populous states: Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Delhi and Chhattisgarh, where oxygen demand is estimated to increase significantly by April 30.
Forecasting the medical oxygen requirement for April 30 in his affidavit, the Union The government said Maharashtra would require 2,000 tons (up from 1,500 tons on April 20), Gujarat 1,200 MT (1,000 MT), Uttar Pradesh 800 MT (400 MT), Madhya Pradesh 700 MT (445 MT), Delhi 445 MT (300 TM), Chhattisgarh 382 MT (215 MT) and Tamil Nadu 465 MT (200 MT).
Oxygen requirement forecast for Karnataka was 111 MT on April 30 compared to 300 MT on April 20 and that for Punjab was 82 TM (126 TM). On April 30, the 12 high-burden states will require 6,593 MT of medical oxygen, the Center said, thanking the steel industry for providing the country with much-needed gas in a time of dire need.
“The steel industry has supplied 1.43,000 MT of medical oxygen since September 2020. In April, the supply of medical oxygen by the steel sector increased from 1,000 MT per day in the first week of April to around 2,600 MT on April 21, ”the Center said.
Appearing for the Center, Attorney General Tushar Mehta said the government has banned the supply of oxygen for all industrial purposes except for the medical industry since April 22, as “medical oxygen is a critical component in the treatment of patients affected by Covid ”. Narrating the national mechanism that monitors the 24/7 oxygen production, availability and supply chain, Mehta told Judges DY Chandrachud, LN Rao and SR Bhat that express trains from Oxygen green corridors were given for non-stop transportation.
He said that 50,000 metric tons of medical oxygen would be imported in the next three months and that India was on track to increase oxygen tanks from 1,224 today to 2,000. “Efforts are being made to increase the availability of oxygen tanks to more than 2,000 by converting 50% of the existing nitrogen and argon tanks (around 600) to transport oxygen, as well as by importing 138 cryogenic tanks for oxygen, “he added.
The Center’s affidavit said: “The Union government, with the active and constant supervision and direct involvement of the Prime Minister and the Minister of the Interior, is increasing the supply of oxygen on the warpath.” In supply of Remdesivir injections, the Center’s affidavit made a detailed presentation of the drug’s availability that appears to be in short supply. The Center said seven Indian companies were licensed by Gilead, USA, to make Remdesivir. Due to the pause before the storm in the present second wave, the companies had reduced their production considerably. But the seven companies, which were producing 27 lakh vials per month, are expected to produce 90 lakh vials per month in May, as the government approved 31 additional manufacturing sites for the seven companies on April 12, in addition to the 22 existing. The Center said it had allocated 11 lakh vials of Remdesivir to the states between April 21 and 30. On April 24, he revised the allocation to 16 lakh vials.


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