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Hustle to hospitals, large gatherings worsen Covid crisis in India: WHO | India News

GENEVA: People in India are rushing unnecessarily to hospital, compounding a crisis over rising Covid-19 infections caused by massive concentrations, more contagious variants and low vaccination rates, the World Health Organization said on Tuesday. (WHO).
The death toll in India is now approaching 200,000, and hospitals that do not have sufficient oxygen supplies and beds are turning away coronavirus patients.
WHO is providing critical equipment and supplies to India, including 4,000 oxygen concentrators, requiring only one power source, WHO spokesman Tarik Jasarevic said.
Less than 15% of people infected with Covid-19 actually need hospital care and even fewer will need oxygen, he said.
“Currently, part of the problem is that many people rush to the hospital (also because they do not have access to information / advice), even though the monitoring of home care at home can be administered very safely,” said Jasarevic .
Community-level centers should screen and classify patients and provide advice on safe home care, while information is also available through hotlines or dashboards, he said.
“As is true in any country, the WHO has said that the combination of relaxation of personal protection measures, mass gatherings and more contagious variants while vaccine coverage is still low can create a perfect storm,” he said.

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