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How Various Countries Are Helping India Fight The Covid-19 Crisis | India News


NEW DELHI: As aid begins to arrive from abroad, the government said Tuesday it was seeking to ensure immediate authorization and distribution through an inter-ministerial group. The material will be sent promptly to receiving institutions in various parts of the country in coordination with various government agencies, official sources said.
India expects medical supplies and oxygen-related drugs in the coming days from the UK, France, the US, Germany, Australia, Ireland, Russia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Gulf.
France said on Tuesday it will send 8 oxygen plants to India, in addition to liquid oxygen. France’s assistance will also include 5 liquid oxygen containers and respirators. While Ireland ships 700 oxygen concentrators, the UK has also promised 495 concentrators. India expects a mobile oxygen plant and fans from Germany.
MEA sources said the United States is considering shipping supplies of various components related to oxygen generation and transportation.
“The US is looking at options to provide oxygen generation systems and finalizing options to contract oxygen, including cylinders. It is also working to provide oxygen generation systems, including larger and smaller scale units. They are exploring the provision of generation oxygen in the field systems, which the United States has used in its own field hospitals to supply oxygen to between 50 and 100 beds, “said a source.
“Under the Quadruple Vaccine Initiative, the US Development Finance Corporation (DFC) is funding a substantial expansion of the manufacturing capacity of BioE, the Indian vaccine maker, allowing BioE increase to produce at least 1 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines by the end of 2022, “he added.
In addition to identifying commercial Remdesivir suppliers that are readily available, the US is said to have identified supplies for rapid diagnostic tests and PPE that can be transferred to India immediately. Officials said it is also facilitating India’s own access to those supplies through US-based sources.
“The US is exploring options to provide oxygen concentrations and ventilators and is already in technical talks with India to ensure that the supplied equipment connects to devices in India,” said an official, adding that a variety of assistance was offered from emergency, including vaccine and therapy materials. being supplied by the USA.

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