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Do not impersonate the HC, you cannot be a silent spectator in the midst of the national crisis: SC | India News


Do not impersonate the HC, you cannot be a silent spectator in the midst of the national crisis: SC | India News

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Tuesday he said he was taking the national crisis triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic and was not intended to supplant the role played by the executive or the higher courts, which were striving to bring relief to the afflicted and fearful citizens of the states.
A court of judges DY Chandrachud, LN Rao and SR Bhat said: “The knowledge of suo motu taken by the CS was not intended to supplant the higher courts, which have a valuable role in the exercise of their powers under ARTICLE 226. protect fundamental rights as well as the legal rights of the citizens in the states, where the HC they are in a better position to monitor the situation and provide relief. ”
But recognizing the role of the SC in enforcing the fundamental and legal rights of citizens, the court also affirmed that the SC also had a role to play when it came to issues with repercussions across the country.
“Obviously, it is necessary for the CV to intervene to address problems at the national level, especially those related to the coordination in the supply of oxygen, medical equipment, medicines and vaccination of all eligible citizens, especially in the category of over 18 years . years will be eligible as of May 1, ”said the bank.
“In a moment of national crisis, the CS cannot be a silent spectator. We intend to play a complementary role to the HC. We will ensure that HC’s orders are followed. We want to clarify that the HCs will play their role. We want to do our part, ”the judges said even as they warned states not to use the process as a platform for politically motivated recriminations.
The Center, through the attorney general Tushar mehta, said it had tackled the crisis stemming from the sudden spike in Covid-19 cases in a holistic way and led the states. “Coordination is done at the highest level of the prime minister and senior ministers. Everyone responds collectively and no one acts as one against the other. We have a high-level coordination committee to resolve differences. Steps are being taken in a foot war and the situation is monitored 24×7 ”, he added.
The court assured the Union government that it would not substitute the wisdom and policy of the executive in addressing the pandemic with the opinions of the court. “We don’t take over the executive’s job. It is up to the government to decide which method and mechanism is best suited to the current situation. However, we would like to give our opinion on certain topics and suggest improvements to achieve better results. ”
When certain states began airing their individual complaints about the supply of oxygen and the stoppage of oxygen tankers by some district administrations, the court warned all states against using the SC procedures as a platform to exhibit political rivalry and try to score brownie points with each other. “No recriminations, please. Let’s look for solutions to the current crisis. The recrimination will not solve anything, “said the bench.


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