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With 24 hours of life, 75 years recovers in 13 days | India News


MUMBAI: A 75-year-old woman, whose family was told she would have no more than 24 hours to live after being diagnosed with severe Covid, went home last week after fighting fiercely for 13 days.
When Shailaja Nakwe left Ghatkopar Sonagra Medical and Surgical Center on Wednesday, doctors and nurses celebrated her discharge by slicing a cake with her CT (computed tomography) score of 25/25, the most severe count. “His recovery was a sweet victory against the virus that we are all fighting so desperately against. She was a diabetic who came to us with close to 100% lung involvement, went on to need full respiratory support and came out of it, ”said Dr. Rajaram Sonagra, her treating physician.
The Dombivli resident had been suffering from a fever for 3-4 days before one of her children visited her and found her oxygen saturation to be 69%. The family rushed her to Ghatkopar hospital which had an oxygen bed available.
Shailaja Nakwe had a CT score of 25/25, the worst count
‘My mother says that she has touched death and has returned’
Hours after her admission on April 8, she had to be put on a non-invasive ventilator. “His dependence on oxygen increased from 80% to 100%. The five lobes of the lung were more than 75% affected. I was breathing with great difficulty, “said the doctor. A CT score of 25/25 is a textbook case for referral to a higher facility, but Shailaja refused to be transferred.
Doctors began treating her with Remdesivir and a group of antibiotics.
Shailaja’s son, Prashant Nakwe, said he will never forget the struggle to get six doses of Remdesivir. The family was finally able to obtain it from Kalyan. “When they told us she only had 24 hours to live, my mind had stopped working, but my heart said I was a fighter. None of us gave up, ”Prashant told TOI.
Prashant said her condition began to change after five days when her dependence on oxygen began to decrease. Dr. Sonagra said that Bipap was removed after 12 days, but that she needed regular oxygen support. You currently need 2 liters of oxygen at home and it could take up to six months to fully recover. “My mother says that she has touched death and has returned,” added the son.
Intensivist Dr. Rahul Pandit said that a CT score of 25/25 can be treated with good support in the ICU and as long as the patient has arrived on time and has no comorbidities.

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