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False Warning to Covid Volunteers Online Causes Panic | India News


NEW DELHI: Social media posts related to Covid-19 information and resources cannot be removed under the Disaster Management Act, according to legal and digital rights experts. They were reacting to a controversy caused by a viral message online claiming that Delhi police would take “action” against people for sharing such material, Anam Ajmal reports.
TOI has screenshots of such a “warning” received by volunteers on instant messaging applications. However, the Delhi police have denied having issued such a directive. “We take a strong objection to such motivated and unsubstantiated allegations … and we hope that the media will not give any credence to such rumors,” they said in a statement shared by PRO Chinmoy Biswal. The statement added that the propaganda was being spread by some “created groups that thrive on disinformation.”
Advocacy group Internet Freedom Foundation shared a screenshot of a message on Sunday that claimed the government had invoked the DM Act. IFF, however, qualified the message as false. Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) legal director Prasanth Sugathan said the message about taking action against the accounts has caused panic among volunteers.

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