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The United States will send aid to the government of India, health workers to combat the Covid-19 crisis | India News


WILMINGTON: The United States is deeply concerned about a massive increase in coronavirus cases in India and plans to swiftly deploy additional support to the Indian government and healthcare workers, a White House spokeswoman said on Saturday.
“We are in active talks at high levels and plan to rapidly deploy additional support to the Government of India and Indian health workers as they fight this latest severe outbreak. We will have more to share very soon,” the spokeswoman told Reuters by email. . .

India is dealing with a record increase in coronavirus infections, and hospitals are running out of critical oxygen supplies. The Indian government has deployed military planes and trains to bring oxygen to Delhi from other parts of the country and foreign countries, including Singapore.
The number of cases nationwide of about 1.3 billion rose overnight by 346,786, the Indian Health Ministry said on Saturday, for a total of 16.6 million cases, including 189,544 deaths.
But experts say the number of cases is likely many times higher and could rise even more.
Officials from both countries are engaged at various levels to ensure “a small supply of inputs and components from American companies for the production of Covid-19 vaccines in India,” a spokesman for the Indian embassy in Washington told Reuters.
“We believe it is important to work together to identify both bottlenecks in medical supply chains and potential solutions to overcome these (bottlenecks), and to fight the global pandemic together and accelerate ongoing vaccination efforts,” the spokesman said.

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