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Prime Minister Modi’s Mann Ki Baat: Best Quotes | India News


NEW DELHI: In his monthly “Mann Ki Baat” radio address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke about the grim coronavirus situation in India, saying that the second wave of the virus has shaken the nation.
The Prime Minister also spoke with various health experts about his experience during the pandemic over the past year.
Here are the key quotes from his address:
* Covid is testing our patience and ability to endure pain. Many of our loved ones left us at the wrong time.
* After successfully tackling the first wave, the nation’s morale was high. However, this storm (second wave) has shaken the nation.
* After successfully tackling the first wave of Covid-19, the country’s morale was high, but this storm has rocked the country.
* To address this wave of Covid, I have held meetings with experts from many fields such as the pharmaceutical industry and oxygen production.

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