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Oxygen Express with 70 tons of oxygen to reach Delhi on Monday night: Railways | India News

NEW DELHI: The first Express oxygen train to Delhi carrying around 70 tons of the life-saving gas will depart from Jindal Steel Works plant in Raigarh on Sunday evening, Chairman of the Suneet Railways Board Sharma saying.
The train, with four tankers, will arrive in Delhi on Monday night, he said.
The railways have planned plans to transport medical oxygen from Angul, Kalingnagar, Rourkela and Raigarh to Delhi and the NCR region, Sharma said, adding that the Delhi government has been recommended to prepare tanker trucks to obtain the oxygen.
“The first Oxygen Express for the national capital carrying four tankers with 70 tons of liquid medical oxygen will depart tonight for Delhi Cantonment from Jindal Steel Works, Raigarh. It will arrive in Delhi on Monday evening,” said the chairman of the board. of railways.

Every few hours, as it has been in recent days, hospitals in the national capital and its suburbs have been sending desperate messages for help on social media and other platforms, flagging their dwindling oxygen reserves.
In view of the high oxygen demand in the country following a record increase in coronavirus cases, the Railways have decided to operate Oxygen Express trains to transport liquid medical oxygen and oxygen cylinders across the country.
Tanker trucks are transported in flat cars by trains for rapid delivery of medical oxygen.
“We have transported 150 tons of oxygen to Uttar Pradesh Y Maharashtra until now and tonight we will move 150 tons more. About Delhi, we are preparing four tanker trucks from Jindal Steel Plant in Raigarh.
“Plans are in place to move oxygen to Delhi and the NCR region from plants in Angul, Raigarh, Kalingnagar and Rourkela. We have asked the state government to keep their trucks ready,” Sharma said.
The officials said the Delhi government in its letter to the railways asked it to load liquid medical oxygen from nine locations.
“These were examined and the feasibility analyzed, after which the state government was informed that oxygen can be transported from seven of these nine locations. The other two sites were not feasible for technical reasons.
“They were also asked to organize the tanker trucks and indentation the stations. The Delhi Divisional Deputy Director of Railways is being appointed nodal officer for this purpose,” an official said.
Delhi reported a staggering 348 deaths due to Covid-19 as hospitals in the national capital continued to grapple with a severe shortage of medical oxygen. Up to 24,331 new cases were reported in the last 24 hours.
When asked if the railways will reduce their services due to the increase in Covid-19 infections, Sharma said the trains will continue to run.
“Despite Covid, trains will continue to run. Where there is demand, we are increasing services. We can streamline service where demand is lower. More than 70 percent of trains are currently in operation,” he said.

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