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Government: States now have 2 vaccine supply channels, one of them free | India News


Government: States now have 2 vaccine supply channels, one of them free | India News

NEW DELHI: The rules and eligibility for Covid-19 vaccination have been relaxed to allow states and the private sector to have a free hand to ensure more people can get vaccinated quickly, the Health minister said. Hard Vardhan he said on Sunday.
“Although the dreaded disease spreads like a tsunami, it was essential to relax controls and leave a free hand to state governments and the private sector,” said the minister.
He rejected allegations that the Center he was getting 50% of the local vaccine production at a cheaper price than the states, saying he was not administering the vaccines directly to anyone and that the injections were distributed through the states and UT. After May 1, these vaccinations will be free at government hospitals for people 45 and older.
“The real situation is that the states are obtaining a guaranteed channel of free supply of vaccines, while simultaneously they can acquire vaccines from another channel according to their aspirations and commitment to their people,” he said in a statement on Twitter.
Vardhan’s statement came as many states complained about differential prices for vaccines. Unnamed CongressHe said, “… there are certain political leaders who have chosen to engage in unnecessary politics on the subject of vaccination and are spreading misinformation at every turn.”
“Now, this ‘50% break-even quota’ will give (states) the freedom to vaccinate groups that they consider a priority,” he said, adding that states will have the freedom to purchase directly from manufacturers and even negotiate. prices.


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