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832 deaths from Covid-19 in Maharashtra, the highest in history; 66,191 cases | India News


MUMBAI: Maharashtra recorded the highest Covid-19 deaths in history on Sunday with 832 deaths.
With 66,191 new positive coronavirus cases and 832 deaths, the infection count reached 42.95,027 and the figure reached 64,760, the state health department said.
Maharashtra is now left with 6,98,354 active cases.
Taking the count of recoveries in Maharashtra to 35,30,060, a total of 61,450 patients were discharged on the day, the department said in a statement.
A record 2.89,535 tests were conducted on Sunday, bringing the number of samples tested so far in Maharashtra to 2,57,49,543, it said.
The recovery rate in Maharashtra is 82.19 percent and the fatality rate is 1.51 percent, the department said.
Mumbai reported 5,498 cases during the day, bringing the count to 6,27,644, while 64 deaths brought the figure to 12,790, it said.
The Mumbai division, including the city and satellite towns, reported 14,296 new cases, increasing the number of cases to 13.15,899, while 144 deaths increased the number of victims to 22,625.
The Nashik division reported 9,937 new cases, including 3,051 in the city of Nashik, while the Pune division added 14,028 infections, including 4,653 in the city of Pune.
The Kolhapur division reported 3,047 cases, the department said.
The Aurangabad division reported 3,636 cases, the Latur division 4,644, the Akola division 3,414 and Nagpur 13,189, including 5,132 cases in the city of Nagpur.
The Covid-19 figures in Maharashtra are as follows: positive cases 42.95,027, deaths 64,760, recoveries 35,30,060, active 6,98,354, total tests 2,57,49,543, tests currently 2,89,535.

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