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Kejriwal writes to all CMs and asks them to provide oxygen to Delhi “if they have to spare” | India News


NEW DELHI: Arvind, Prime Minister of Delhi Kejriwal on Saturday he wrote a letter to all the country’s top ministers asking them to provide oxygen to the national capital.
“I am writing to all CMs requesting that they provide oxygen to Delhi, if they have to spare. Although the central government is also helping us, the severity of the crown is such that all available resources are proving inadequate,” Kejriwal said in a tweet. .

In a meeting with PM Modi On Friday, Kejriwal had said that the Center should take over all oxygen plants through the army and requested Modi to lead the chief ministers of all states to ensure the smooth movement of oxygen tanker trucks arriving at the national capital.
“People in great pain due to oxygen shortage. We fear a great tragedy could happen due to oxygen shortage and we will never be able to forgive ourselves. I ask you with folded hands to lead all CMs to ensure a smooth movement of oxygen tanker trucks arriving in Delhi, “he said during the meeting.
“We need a national plan to face the crisis. The central government must take charge of all the oxygen plants through the Army and each tanker that leaves the oxygen plant must be accompanied by an Army escort vehicle,” he said. .
The prime minister had also objected to state governments and the Center for the Covid-19 Vaccine charging different fees, saying the “one nation, one fee” policy should be followed.
Meanwhile, the Delhi High Court on Saturday asked the Center and the Delhi government to coordinate on the issue of making medical oxygen available to hospitals treating Covid-19 patients, noting that they cannot be left to die. the citizens. The court made it clear that the efforts to be made by the Delhi government in this regard cannot be trivialized and must not be left entirely to the central government.

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