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EC observers ordered the arrest of TMC workers the night before the voting exercise: Mamata Banerjee | India News


EC observers ordered the arrest of TMC workers the night before the voting exercise: Mamata Banerjee | India News

Mamata Banerjee has said that she will move the Supreme Court against the EC special observers.

BOLPUR: Prime Minister of West Bengal Mamata banerjee on Saturday he claimed that he has come to know that three special observers of the Electoral Commission (CE) have “ordered the police officers to detain TMC workers “before the voting exercise, and said he would move the Supreme Court against this “conspiracy”.
The TMC supreme, while addressing party members in an auditorium in Bolpur, Birbhum district, said that she had come across WhatsApp conversations from special observers and stated that “it could be caused by a spectacle (by the CE), but cannot be silenced. ”
Mamata Banerjee was previously asked to provide the reasons for her alleged appeal to Muslims to vote en bloc for her party, and her comments against the central forces. He was also banned from campaigning for 24 hours.
“Enough is enough … I have no problem if they (EC observers) work for free and fair elections but they have been working only to help the BJP. They want to end Trinamool,” said the head of TMC.
“These officials are giving orders to detain our men the night before the elections and keep them in custody until the next day. I have seen their WhatsApp conversations; they were given to me by a reporter. And it must have originally come from BJP men,” he said, showing the transcript of an alleged talk between special observers and senior officials, including district magistrates and police superintendents.
The CM further said that his party will not take those things aside and move the Supreme Court against this “conspiracy and partisan approach” after the elections.
“Is it your job (EC special observer) to ask the police to arrest people?” asked the CM.
Banerjee expressed outrage that a special EC observer “named active TMC workers in chat and called them trouble-mongers,” and claimed that the official also “asked the police to arrest them all to that they could not be seen anywhere during the voting exercise. ”
“In the chat, the special police observer described TMC activists as ‘thugs’ who do not allow BJP officers to do their job. Can the EC use that epithet against a party?” said the supreme of TMC.
Claiming that his government had been tolerating such “intimidation and interference since the 2016 elections,” he said, “we will move to the high court to discuss the ways that can be taken to ensure that the elections are held fairly in the coming days.”
Insisting that it had no problem if state government officials and security forces performed ‘Raj Dharma’, the CM stated that the EC has acted in a “partisan” manner against the TMC and has favored the saffron camp in Naihati, Bijpur, Kanchrapara, Mangalkot, Budbud, Goalpokhor, Uttar Dumdum.
“If someone is illegally detained the night before the elections, their family must go to the respective police stations and record the protests. These three retirees (EC-appointed observers who are retired IAS and IPS officials) will not be able to influence elections Your partisan behavior will help the BJP win almost seven or eight seats.
“Personally, I don’t think the BJP can cross the 70-seat mark,” he said.
Banerjee also held the EC responsible for the increase in Covid-19 cases in the state, arguing that the movement of thousands of people from one district to another for election-related work was the reason behind this.
“Jawans from the Central Police Armed Forces (CAPF) and people who came from other states to campaign were not subjected to RT-PCR tests,” he said.
Joking on the poll panel, Banerjee also said the EC banned large rallies in the polling-linked state “only after the central leaders concluded their meetings, as they barely drew crowds.”
“You (EC) remained firm in your plan to hold the elections in eight phases, despite the increase in Covid-19. Is EC a mirror of the BJP, a parrot of the saffron party?” she stressed.
Claiming that autopsy reports on the victims of Cooch Behar’s firing have confirmed that the shots were aimed at their torsos, the TMC supreme sought to know “under whose instructions was this done? The CID investigation will catch the involved in the case. ”
In an investigation with Prime Minister Narendra Modi about his “Atmanirbhar Bharat” campaign, he said that the Covid-19 situation demonstrated the emptiness of the campaign “like medicines, vaccines, oxygen, everything was lost.”
Claiming that the prime minister and the interior minister were making plans to capture Bengal when they should have secured an adequate supply of vaccines and oxygen, he said: “Both should have resigned over this failure. Didn’t you know in January that Covid-19 will do it? hit again? ”
Noting that the Center has asked a PSU in Bengal to supply oxygen cylinders to Uttar Pradesh, “depriving the people of this state,” he said: “We are using industrial oxygen for medical purposes. We are acquiring 5,000 cylinders and currently have 15,000 more. in stock, “he added.
Stating that the Center “appears to be concerned only with Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh”, the CM said: “Given the dire situation in those states, I am not saying that they should not have these facilities. But there has to be a balanced rationing system for all affected states.
“Beyond chest beating and propaganda, this monumentally incompetent central government is of no use.”
He further said that his government, with its own resources, has so far vaccinated one lakh of people.
TMC’s supremacy urged the party’s Birbhum district chair, Anubrata Mondal, to go to court and seek protection if placed under EC surveillance “as before”.
He called on party members to be on guard against “intimidation by the central forces.”
Banerjee, during the day, offered prayers at the Tarapith Kali temple in the district.
“I prayed for the welfare of the people of the state, their prosperity. I prayed that the communal forces cannot raise their heads in Bengal,” he posted on Facebook.


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