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CJI Bobde retires after busy tenure | India News


CJI Bobde retires after busy tenure | India News

NEW DELHI: A Senior Attorney’s Test Drive Vikas singh‘s Harley davidson in Delhi resulted in an injury to his leg.
A few months later, he couldn’t help his love for the heavy bike and in Nagpur, Raj Bhavan sat on a stationary Harley Davidson, inviting mocking criticism from his defender. Prashant Bhushan.
The SC convicted Bhushan in contempt and made him pay a fine of Re 1 to escape the prison sentence and suspension from exercise.
Even before becoming CJI, Justice Bobde as part of the tribunal that judges the centenary Ayodhya land dispute, had proposed a mediated solution to the dispute.
As Singh revealed, he had even asked a famous actor for help. Shahrukh khan, who had expressed his willingness to be part of it.
At the insistence of Judge Bobde, the Ayodhya court had appointed former SC IMF judge Kalifulla, spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravishankar and lawyer Sriram Panchu.
It is another matter that the mediation failed and the bench gave a unanimous verdict of 5-0 in favor of the temple.
Aside from his love of heavy bikes and sports like tennis and table tennis, Judge Bobde was an avid nature lover who brought him to the courtroom.
Be it the tigress Avni or the great Indian bustard, he was always attentive to their protection and issued orders for the protection of wildlife.
His frequent trips to wildlife sanctuaries were a topic of conversation in the court halls.
Coming from a family of generations of lawyers, beginning with his great-grandfather and the trend continuing with his daughter, Bobde became a lawyer in 1978 and obtained the designation of lead defender in 1998.
He was appointed Judge of Bombay HC in March 2000 and went on to lead Madhya Pradesh HC in 2012. He was appointed Judge of SC in April 2013 and is retiring after eight years and 11 days, of which seventeen months as CJI. Unfortunately, 13 months were marred by the Covid pandemic.
“I did the best I could. I don’t know how it seemed to others,” the CJI said Friday. Designated CJI NV Ramana He recalled the fundamental contributions made by Judge Bobde and said that he was a man of wit, humor and charm. AG KK Venugopal said CJI Bobde is too young and in a position to retire and opined that CJIs should have a mandate of at least three years to implement all the reforms he envisions. Attorney General Tushar Mehta said: “CJI Bobde was a decent man with a rare and surprising sense of humor.”
CJI Bobde and the e-Committee made a quick decision to switch from physical listening mode to video conferencing mode.
Compared to all other high courts around the world, India’s SC was the hardest-working during the pandemic, resolving more than 52,000 cases in the last year.
The cloudy covid year also saw the SC operating for a record number of days.
He presided over the banks that ordered the release of inmates from prisons to help decongest prisons and reduce the chances of prisoners being infected by a coronavirus.
He also ensured that the noon meal plan for the children even when schools were closed.
But, their swan song in the form of rulings that issue guidelines to speed up criminal trials and verify bouncing cases trapped in the system for decades, will go a long way toward decongesting the pendency-dominated judiciary.
He also headed a court that set a definitive term for the appointment of the HC judges.
Yet he is retiring with a track record that no CJI would like to have in the future, not a single judge appointment in the SC despite five vacancies.
The lack of consensus and leaving things to the last minute would leave him with the record of being the only CJI in history who did not appoint a single person as a CS Judge.


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