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Center assigns Remdesivir supply to 19 states / UT with high burden of Covid-19 cases | India News


NEW DELHI: The central government on Saturday assigned the supply of Remdesivir to 19 states / Union territories with a high burden of Covid-19 cases.
“The escalation of critically ill patients with Covid-19 in hospitals for effective clinical management has also resulted in an increase in the demand for Remdesivir. While States have been recommended to promote the prudent use of the drug, which is listed as Investigative Therapy by the ministry, they have also been advised to take measures against the possible hoarding and black marketing of the drug, “read a statement from the Ministry of Health.
“Considering the sudden increase in demand in the country for Injectable Remdesivir required for Covid-19 therapy, the manufacturing capacity of domestic Remdesivir manufacturers has increased. All government support is being extended to manufacturers in production capacity is increasing from the current level of 38 lakh vials per month to 74 lakh vials per month, and an additional 20 manufacturing sites have been approved. The export of Remdesivir was also banned on April 11, 2021, in order to shore up supplies, “he added.
To further address shortage reports in certain regions of the country and facilitate the smooth interstate supply of Remdesivir, the Union Ministry of Health, in coordination with the Department of Pharmaceutical Products, has made an interim allocation of Remdesivir for 19 states. / UT for the period up to April 30, 2021.
On Twitter, Union Minister Sadananda Gowda said: “After a detailed review of the state allocation of #Remdesivir with @Pharmadept, a substantial increase in overall production and allocation has been achieved across all states. This will strengthen the country’s fight against # COVID19. State- wise allocation of #Remdesivir until April 30, 2021 “.
Several states across the country have requested more supplies of Remdesivir amid the record rise in Covid-19 infections.

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