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Partnership with India to achieve energy and climate goals Central pillar of bilateral cooperation: Biden | India News


Partnership with India to achieve energy and climate goals Central pillar of bilateral cooperation: Biden | India News

WASHINGTON: President of the United States. Joe biden on Friday he said he hopes to work with the Indian prime minister Narendra modi in a new camaraderie get weather and energy objectives, which makes it a fundamental pillar of bilateral cooperation.
Biden made the remarks a day after India and the United States announced a “United States-India Clean Energy and Climate 2030 Agenda Partnership” to create stronger bilateral cooperation on actions in the current decade to meet the goals. of the Paris Agreement.
“I look forward to working with Indian Prime Minister Modi on a new partnership to achieve our climate and energy goals, making this a central pillar of our bilateral cooperation,” Biden said in his speech at the virtual summit on climate change.
This includes the deployment of 450 gigawatts of renewable energy to meet the ambitious 2030 goal of climate action and clean energy. The partnership will advance along two main tracks: the Clean Energy Strategic Partnership, co-chaired by Energy Secretary Granholm, and the Climate Action and Financial Mobilization Dialogue, co-chaired by Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry, according to a joint statement.
Addressing the final session of the virtual climate summit on Friday, Biden said it is about the opportunity that tackling climate change provides.
It is an opportunity to create millions of well-paying jobs around the world and innovate, in innovative sectors, jobs that provide a higher quality of life and greater dignity to the people who perform those jobs in all nations, he said.
“For a line worker, electricians, utility workers: laying transmission lines, connecting battery storage, and modernizing our electrical grid. For workers in the automotive industry: construction of electric cars, trucks and buses. Skilled workers installing and loading stations to accommodate them in all of our countries ”, he added.
The United States is once again assuming the leadership role, Biden said.
“We will unite and partner – for nations and efforts to decarbonize critical sectors across the board, including the industrial sector, where we will join Sweden and India, and in the Industry Transition Leadership Group; the energy sector, where we will work together with the UK to spread and accelerate progress towards a carbon-free energy system both here and around the world; and in the agricultural sector, where we will launch the Agricultural Innovation Mission for Climate with the United Arab Emirates and other partners, ”he said.
“I am very encouraged by President Putin’s call yesterday for the world to collaborate and improve carbon dioxide removal. And the United States looks forward to working with Russia and other countries in that effort. It has great promise. This is a time for all of us to build better economies for our children, our grandchildren and all of us to prosper not just now, but beyond for generations to come, ”Biden said.


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