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Make Covid-19 Vaccination Affordable, Accessible Through Jan Aushadi’s Scheme: IMA | India News


NEW DELHI: The IMA has demanded that the Covid-19 vaccine on the open market be shipped through the Jan Aushadhi scheme to make it affordable for people, while also requesting the Center to ensure that the vaccine is given free to all persons over the age of 18 in its facilities.
In a statement, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) said that the cost involved by mass universal vaccination for those over 18 will be much less than the economic gains achieved by bending the curve of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Vaccination against coronavirus infection should also be the government’s priority, as vaccination not only improves individual safety but also community safety by paving the way for herd immunity, the medical corps said.
“The cost involved by mass universal vaccination above the age of 18, will be much less than the economic gain that we achieve by doubling the curve of the Covid pandemic,” he said.
The association also demanded transparency in vaccine prices.
“Now that manufacturers can set the price, it is shocking to watch the Serum Institute’s cautionary announcement that predicted the price at Rs 600. IMA is demanding transparency on this and asking the government to make sure the vaccine is free for all seniors. 18 years old, “said the corps of doctors.
The IMA requires that the vaccine on the open market be shipped through the Jan Aushadhi scheme, where the vaccine can be available at the preset price for all patients.
“If the price of the vaccine is not capped and the 35 billion rupees allocated in the budget are not used to give free vaccination to everyone, the good intention of the government will end in disaster and the country will continue to suffer the economic effects and economic health crisis due to this pandemic, “said the IMA.
He urged the Prime Minister to make the vaccination campaign affordable, accessible and targeted.

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