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State governments free to purchase Covid-19 vaccine from manufacturers: Center | India News


NEW DELHI: State governments are free to purchase doses of coronavirus vaccines from vaccine manufacturers in accordance with the National Accelerated Covid-19 Vaccination Strategy and Liberalized Prices, the Union Ministry of Health said on Thursday.
The ministry said this while refuting some media reports suggesting that the Serum Institute of India (SII) has contracted all of its production until May 25, 2021 to the Center, and therefore, until that date, state governments will not be able to acquire the vaccine. of the SII.
“These media reports are based on incorrect facts and are baseless,” the ministry said.
In order to expand and liberalize the vaccination campaign throughout the country, the Government of the Union announced on April 19 the Accelerated National Strategy for Covid-19 Vaccination and Liberalized Prices, which would come into effect as of May 1.
A key feature of the strategy is that “vaccine manufacturers would provide 50% of the doses issued monthly by the Central Medicines Laboratory (CDL) to the Government of India and would be free to supply the remaining 50% of the doses to state governments and in other countries. than the Government of India channel, “the ministry said.
State governments are free to buy vaccine doses from vaccine manufacturers, he said.
“So it is very clear that each month of the total approved doses of CDL available from any vaccine manufacturer, 50 percent of the doses would be available to channels other than the Government of India,” he said.
As of May 1, the current system of private Covid-19 vaccination centers that receive doses from the government and charge up to 250 rupees per dose will cease to exist, the ministry had already said.
According to the National Accelerated Covid-19 Vaccination Strategy and Liberalized Prices, Covid-19 vaccination will continue to be free for eligible population groups that include healthcare workers, frontline workers, and the population over 45 years of age in the centers. Covid vaccination providers receiving doses from the government. from India.
Vaccine manufacturers would make an advance declaration of the price of 50 percent of the supply that would be available to state governments on the open market before May 1.
Based on this price, states, private hospitals, and industrial establishments can purchase vaccine doses from manufacturers.
Private hospitals would have to purchase their Covid-19 vaccine supplies exclusively from the 50 percent supply destined for a channel other than the Government of India. The price charged by private hospitals for vaccination will be controlled, he said.

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