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‘Governance Failure at UP’: Priyanka Gandhi Criticizes the Yogi Government’s Response to the Second Wave of Covid-19 | India News


NEW DELHI: Citing a failure of governance in Uttar Pradesh in the face of the second wave of Covid-19, Congressional Leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has said that Yogi Adityanath’s dispensation ceased to act as a protective and support system for people in the state, and has increasingly assumed the role of “aggressor.”
In an interview with PTI, the Secretary General of Congress, in charge of Uttar Pradesh, also said that the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic was simply another reflection of the “arrogant, autocratic and inhumane attitude” of the UP government towards the UP government. people of the state.
His comments came amid a sharp increase in coronavirus cases, with the Uttar Pradesh government saying the state had recorded 33,214 new cases and 187 deaths on Wednesday, both the highest daily increase so far.
When asked about the grim Covid-19 situation in the state, Priyanka Gandhi said the fundamental problem is that the UP government has long since ceased to act as a protector, facilitator and support system for the public.
“(The state government) has increasingly assumed the role of an aggressor. The handling of the COVID pandemic is just another reflection of its arrogant, autocratic and inhumane attitude towards the people of UP,” he said.
The biggest failure has been in governance, as there has been no planning, preparation or foresight whatsoever, claimed the congressional leader.
“Countries around the world faced a second wave, what did we learn from them? How did we use the gap between the first and second waves to prepare UP for what was inevitably going to happen?” Priyanka Gandhi asked.
The UP government’s own sero-survey results showed that 5 million people were exposed to the virus, indicating a second wave was coming, he said.
“The government was recommended to exponentially increase testing. What happened? They reduced overall testing, switched to up to 70 percent antigen testing, and ignored their own serosurvey reports,” he said, criticizing the state government.
Instead of putting all the resources to save lives and fight the pandemic, the UP government continues to waste time and resources “covering up” the truth, Priyanka Gandhi alleged.
“The government has let the people down. Its incompetence and lack of clarity is imposing an unprecedented human cost that no one should have had to pay,” he said.
On the alleged lack of preparation to face the second wave, he said: “How else can the Chief Minister and his government explain that despite months having passed between one wave and the other, no effort was made to increase the capacity of the PU for hospital beds, for oxygen or for the availability of Covid drugs “.
“How else can you justify the number of obstacles you have placed before the public suffering from the horrors of the pandemic?” she asked.
Priyanka Gandhi also asked where else in the world the approval of the district doctor or district magistrate is needed to be admitted to a hospital in the midst of a devastating pandemic.
“It’s unheard of. How can the government justify that only 30% of the tests performed at UP are RT-PCR and 70% are antigen tests? Reports are coming in from across the state that private labs are receiving verbal instructions not to test, “he said.
“What kind of government is this?”
The UP government has been rejecting criticism from opposition parties about its handling of the Covid-19 situation.
Priyanka Gandhi had previously accused the Uttar Pradesh government of hiding coronavirus figures and said that if they had been cautious from day one, people would not have witnessed such moments.
Earlier this week, he had criticized the “red carpet” in Uttar Pradesh, claiming that lives were lost because Covid-19 patients needed permission from the district’s chief medical officers to be admitted to hospitals.
In a letter to the Uttar Pradesh chief minister, the congressional secretary general urged the creation of a database of available hospitals and beds so that people can apply for admission directly.
Priyanka Gandhi had also pointed out the problem of oxygen availability, saying that she had been told that people need permission from the district magistrate to enter the hospital. She had called for the removal of all those rules that cause difficulties for the families of patients.

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