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Give the country a solution, not empty speeches: Rahul Gandhi to the government on the Covid-19 situation | India News


NEW DELHI: The crisis in the country is not only due to the coronavirus, but also to the central government’s “anti-popular” policies, Congressional Leader Rahul Gandhi said Thursday, calling for a solution rather than hollow speeches.
He also attacked the government, claiming that it has brought destruction and impoverished the middle class.
Congress has been targeting the government for its handling of the Covid-19 situation in the country.
“I am quarantined at home and sad news constantly comes. The crisis in India is not due only to Corona, but to the anti-popular policies of the central government. Do not give false celebrations and hollow speeches, give the country a solution,” Gandhi said in a tweet in hindi.

In another tweet, he said: “The poor are not just a number, they are living people and hundreds of defenseless families. By crushing the middle class and making them poor, the BJP government has shown how destruction can be done.”
Gandhi also cited a media report claiming that India has been added to the list of countries suffering from collective poverty after a lapse of 45 years.
The congressional leader tested positive for Covid-19 earlier this week. He reported mild symptoms and has been quarantined at home.
Gandhi also took to Instagram, saying he has hope and faith that the people of the country will defeat the virus by working together.
“One day we will embrace each other again. I have hope and faith in the human spirit, in the Indian spirit. We will heal ourselves. We will defeat this virus and we will do it by working together,” he said.
“I want to thank all of our healthcare workers and front-line workers for their sacrifice and continued dedication, and the hundreds and thousands of Indian citizens who go above and beyond to help their compatriots. Each of you gives us hope,” he added Gandhi.
India recorded more than 3.14 lakh of new coronavirus cases on Thursday, the highest single-day count on record for any country, bringing its infection count to 1,59,30,965.

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