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Amid Worsening Pandemic Situation, Activities Against Pakistan’s India Continue | India News


GURDASPUR: Three ISI-backed Pakistani intruders tried to infiltrate India from the Gurdaspur sector on Wednesday night, but had to flee after Border Security Force (BSF) troops opened fire on them.
A BSF official who did not want to be identified reported that during the intervening night of April 21 and 22, BSF troops deployed in the Gurdaspur sector along the Pathankot district foiled an intrusion offer by three Pakistanis .
“Our jaws noticed suspicious movements around 10pm on Wednesday and warned the intruders, but they did not heed BSF’s warning. After that, our troops opened fire forcing them to retreat,” said an official from BSF.
He reported that during a search operation on Thursday, the tracks of three Pakistanis were found near the Ujh River.
“Despite the worsening pandemic situation and the sharp increase in Covid 19 cases in Pakistan, its anti-Indian machinery is working overtime to exploit each situation and continue to enjoy its subversive activities,” said an official from intelligence on condition of anonymity.
He further said that there had been several drone sighting incidents in the Gurdaspur sector in the recent past. In December 2020, the police recovered 11 Austrian grenades that were dropped from the air in the village of Salach, near the city of Dorangala, in the Gurdaspur district. Two days after the ammunition was released, police had recovered an AK 47 rifle and ammunition from a mustard field in the village of Wazirpur, which is also believed to have been dropped from the air by drones originating in Pakistan, it added.
Meanwhile, presumably to overcome his embarrassment, the BSF issued a clarification on Thursday that it had inadvertently written to the police to record an FIR against a pigeon on whose leg a BSF jawan had found a slip with a Pakistani mobile number.
“The mistake was inadvertent, the police had started the investigation into the Pakistani mobile number and the pigeon has been handed over to the forestry department,” said a BSF official.
In particular, on Wednesday, BSF had written a letter to the manager of the Kahangarh police station, Amritsar, that a pigeon had landed on the shoulder of a BSF officer who found a sheet of paper taped to the bird’s leg with a Pakistani mobile phone number and had asked the police to register an FIR against the pigeon.

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