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Covid-19: SC postpones regular hearing, various matters scheduled for Thursday | India News


NEW DELHI: Matters shown on the sundries final cause lists and regular hearing matters for April 22 are postponed and will not be brought to the hearing in light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, reported the Wednesday the Supreme Court.
According to the official notice, the matters that appear in the final lists of Matters of the Court and the Clerk’s Chambers for April 22 and 23 will also not be brought to the hearing and the session will be postponed.
In addition, the ordinary courts and the registry courts will not meet from April 22 onwards until new orders are issued.
A separate circular will be issued regarding the court session.
This comes amid the second deadly wave of the coronavirus pandemic.
On Tuesday, India reported up to 2.59,170 new Covid-19 infections and 1,761 deaths, the Union Health Ministry reported.
This has brought the total number of positive cases in the country to 1,53,21,089. There are currently 20,31,977 active cases in the country as of Tuesday.

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