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Supreme Court Establishes Committee Led by Retired Judge to Administer Gokarna Temple | India News


NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Monday appointed a committee headed by former Justice BN Srikrishna to administer the former Gokarna Mahabaleshwar Temple in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka until it decided on Ramachnadrapura Mutt’s right to administer the Dakshin Kashi temple.
Managing one of the most famous Shiva The temples of India had been mired in dispute since 2003, when the state government brought them under the purview of the Karnataka Hindu Religious Institutions and Charitable Endowments Act of 1997.
Ramachnadrapura Mutt claimed that the temple is attached to the Mutt and represented before the government to remove it from notice.
The 2008 government removed it from the list of temples in August 2008.
But devotees and former trustees questioned the removal by filing a PIL at the Karnataka HC.
The HC overturned the deletion, appointed a management committee for the temple until the question of his link to Mutt was determined by a trial court in a civil lawsuit. The Mutt challenged him to the SC.
A bench of Chief Justice SA Bobde and justices AS Bopanna and V Ramasubramanian took a prima facie opinion that the Tehsildar had failed to appreciate the evidence under the 1997 Act by deciding to allow the Mutt to administer the affairs of the Gokarna temple.
“However, prima facie for the moment, a reading of the consideration made since the beginning of the proceedings by the Tehsildar on February 20, 2008, would indicate that the determination of the status is not based on the evidence or the material in which it is bases that El Tehsildar, on the other hand, has based the conclusion of recommending the entrustment of the administration of the temple to the ‘Mutt’ in view of the general improvement and also the opinion expressed by the president of Gram Panchayat, Gokarna, that it will not be enough to satisfy the requirement of the 1997 Act, “he said.
The bank said, “The proper course in the interest of the temple, as well as for the devotees and also for the ‘Mutt’, would be to allow the administration of the temple by an independent committee so that the temple is managed in an appropriate manner for the benefit of all devotees until a final determination is made. ”
The SC said that while the ‘Oversight Committee’ will be headed by Judge Srikrishna, it would include the Uttara Kannada District Deputy Commissioner and Superintendent of Police, the Kumta Branch Assistant Commission, two eminent persons / scholars who will be nominated by the state government and two ‘Upadivantas’ from the Gokarna temple to be nominated by the deputy commissioner in consultation with the state government.
SC said the exercise to nominate people for the oversight committee will be completed within 15 days and then it will take over the administration of the Ramachandrapura Mutt temple and ensure adherence to all temple traditions.

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