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Results are positive for Covid-19 on the flight from India to Hong Kong | India News


HONG KONG: At least 49 passengers on a flight from New Delhi to Hong Kong tested positive for coronavirus, authorities said, as the financial center introduced an emergency ban on all flights from India in a crackdown on a new wave of cases.
All the passengers who tested positive flew to Hong Kong on a flight operated by the Indian operator Vistara on April 4.
The positive tests are significant as Hong Kong regularly records fewer daily cases than the total detected on the flight since it brought a fourth wave under control in January.
Authorities imposed a two-week ban on all flights from India, Pakistan and the Philippines starting Monday, categorizing the countries as “extremely high risk” after detecting the mutant Covid-19 strain N501Y for the first time.
India is battling rising infections, hospitals are running out of beds, and the government is being forced to re-impose painful financial restrictions.
Its capital, New Delhi, has been closed since Monday night as officials rush to control the escalating cases.
The Vistara aircraft identified has capacity for a total of 188 passengers, but Hong Kong authorities did not announce how many it was carrying.
Positive coronavirus results emerged during Hong Kong’s mandatory three-week quarantine period, one of the strictest entry regimes in the world.
All travelers flying into the territory from 25 high-risk locations, including the UK, South Africa, India, Pakistan, and the US, must also submit a negative test within 72 hours of departure.
Several cases have also been detected on flights arriving in Hong Kong from Mumbai, authorities said.
Densely populated Hong Kong was one of the first places affected by the coronavirus, but difficult entry conditions, strict social distancing measures and the use of universal masks have helped keep infections to just over 11,000 with 209 deaths. .
About 9.8 percent of the city’s 7.5 million residents have been vaccinated so far.

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