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Rajnath Singh Calls on the Armed Forces to Extend Their Help to State Governments to Deal with Covid | India News

NEW DELHI: Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has called on the armed forces to provide assistance to state governments in dealing with the raging Covid pandemic, while ordering defense power supply units, factories of artillery and the DRDO working on the warpath to provide oxygen cylinders and additional beds for civil administrations as soon as possible.
Reviewing readiness to deal with the second wave of Covid-19 in a meeting with senior military officials and secretaries on Tuesday, Singh also delegated emergency procurement powers to ensure critical needs to deal with the pandemic are quickly met.
DRDO chief Dr. G Satheesh Reddy, for his part, said that the previous Covid-19 facility near the Delhi airport has returned to work, and the number of beds will soon increase to 500 from the existing 250.
ESIC Hospital, which became a Covid hospital in Patna, has started operations with 500 beds, while work is on the warpath to install a 450-bed hospital in Lucknow, a 750-bed hospital in Varanasi and a hospital. 900 beds. in Ahmedabad, Reddy added.
The 15 lakh armed forces, in turn, will approach the top ministers of state to offer all possible help in dealing with the situation, including treating civilians in military hospitals. The 67 hospitals of the Cantonment Board will also guarantee medical assistance to both cantonment residents and non-residents.
“The minister was informed about the measures taken by the Armed Forces Medical Services, DRDO, defense PSU, Artillery Factory Board and other ministry departments such as NCC to provide assistance to the civil administration in this hour of crisis”, said an official. .
DRDO said the technology for an oxygen generating plant with a capacity of 1000 liters per minute, which is based on such a system developed for the indigenous fighter Tejas, has been delivered to the industry to meet the needs of hospitals.
“The UP government has placed an order for five plants of this type. Dr. Reddy also said that the SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation) -based supplemental oxygen delivery system developed for soldiers stationed in extreme high-altitude areas can be used for Covid patients. The product will be available soon in the industry market based on the technology provided by DRDO, ”said the official.

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