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PIL in South Carolina Seeks Purity Testing of Honey Brands | India News


NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Monday requested the Union government’s response to a PIL purity test that looked for all brands of honey sold in the market, given several reports available in the public domain about the massive adulteration of one of the most sought after natural products.
A bank headed by the Chief Justice, SA Bobde, issued a notice to the Interior Ministry about a petition from the NGO “ Anti-Corruption Council of India ” after hearing brief arguments from lead lawyer VK Shukla, who persuaded the court to get over his initial hesitation to entertain the PIL. .
Citing a report from the Center for Science and Environment, the petitioner said that major Indian brands were mixing honey with a modified sugar imported from China to avoid basic adulteration detection tests. “CSE claimed that Chinese companies were exporting sugar syrup as ‘fructose syrup’ to India with claims that it could bypass the specified basic test to sell honey in the Indian market,” he said.

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