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IMA welcomes the initiative of the Center to vaccinate citizens over 18 years of age | India News

NEW DELHI: The Indian Medical Association (IMA) on Tuesday welcomed the Center’s decision to vaccinate everyone over the age of 18 in phase 3 of the Covid vaccination campaign.
He also welcomed the government’s decision to “hand over 50 percent of the vaccine supply directly to state governments.”
In order to boost the coronavirus vaccination campaign in the country, the Indian government announced on Monday a “liberalized and accelerated” Phase 3 strategy of Covid-19 vaccination starting on May 1.
All people over the age of 18 to be eligible to receive the Covid-19 vaccine, the government said. “IMA had suggested these measures and advocated vaccination for everyone over the age of 18. IMA had also written an exclusive letter to
Prime Minister Narendra Modi requested on April 5 that all citizens over the age of 18 can receive the COVID vaccine, “his official statement said.
The officials’ statement read: “IMA National President Dr. JA Jayalal interacted with the Prime Minister on Monday and reiterated again the need to increase the COVID vaccination campaign to include everyone over 18 years of age. “.
He also stated that they have strongly supported the Government of India in this push from the beginning. The IMA with its doctors across the country is committed to the war against the virus.
According to the statement, IMA “suggests increasing the rate of vaccination against Covid and increasing the inclusion of the private sector in the campaign. Vaccination with modern medicine is once again demonstrating its power.”

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