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Discriminatory Covid-19 vaccination policy: Rahul Gandhi | India News

NEW DELHI: Congressional leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday criticized the government for its vaccine policy, claiming that it is discriminatory and that there is no guarantee of vaccines for the weakest sectors.
He also said there will be no free vaccinations for those between the ages of 18 and 45.
“There are no free vaccines for young people between 18 and 45 years old. Intermediaries brought in without price controls. There is no guarantee of vaccines for the weaker sections. GOI’s Vaccine Discrimination – Non-Distribution – strategy,” he said in a tweet. .
The government announced Monday that all adults will be eligible for the Covid vaccine starting May 1, while private hospitals and states will be able to buy doses directly from manufacturers.
Decisions aimed at increasing inoculation came as 25 lakh of cases were added in just 15 days in the country and several states including Maharashtra, Delhi, Punjab and Rajasthan demanded that the age restriction of 45 years for vaccination be lifted.
In the third phase of the vaccination campaign starting next month, vaccine manufacturers would be free to supply 50 percent doses to state governments and on the open market, so they will have to make an advance price declaration. before May 1, according to an official statement.

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