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Covid-19: Most Vaccines Can Cost 700-1000 Per Dose | India News


NEW DELHI: Most companies are expected to price Covid-19 vaccines between Rs 700-1,000 per dose when they launch the jabs on the private market later this year, above the price demanded by the government. Rs 250 per dose.
Serum Institute CEO Adar Poonawalla had previously told TOI in an interview that Covishield will be priced at around Rs 1,000 per jab on the private market. Dr Reddy’s, which will import Sputnik V from Russia, is expected to price it below Rs 750, though a final decision has yet to be made.
The companies, when contacted, said they had yet to reaffirm prices, as multiple dynamics are at play. It will also depend on how much they can sell in the private market, consideration of exports, and supply chain issues.

They are also awaiting clarity from the Center in terms of setting the price of the mandatory vaccine for the states.

“The government The purchase price (around Rs 150 per dose) is unrealistically low. We will establish a sustainable price, taking into account the amount for the private market and those destined for state governments. It must be taken into account that the technological platforms, cell lines and equipment of each company vary, and there is also a dependence on imported raw materials (for some companies), so the prices will be different ”, an actor that has not yet entered al said the market.
Since companies have made significant capital investments, there will also be pressure to generate better income and reasonable profits through both private sales and exports. In case the vaccine is imported, there are different factors to consider. In the event that the vaccine is manufactured abroad and imported into the country, different factors must be considered.

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