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Covid-19: Bharat Biotech increases Covaxin capacity to 700 million doses per year | India News

HYDERABAD: Bharat Biotech, the developer of the indigenous Covid-19 Covaxin vaccine, said on Tuesday that it has increased its manufacturing capacity for Covaxin to 700 million doses per year, making it one of the largest production capacities for inactivated viral vaccines a world level.
The company said the expansion has been carried out at multiple facilities in Hyderabad, where it has facilities in Genome Valley, as well as Bangalore, where its related entity Biovet Pvt Ltd has facilities in Malur.
Bharat Biotech also said that it has not only successfully indigenized the synthesis and manufacture of the IMDG agonist, a key component of Covaxin’s proprietary adjuvant, Algel-IMDG, on a commercial scale in India, but has also teamed up with Indian Immunologicals Ltd to make the drug. for Covaxin as part of efforts to further increase capabilities.
“This is the first case where a novel adjuvant is marketed in India, eliminating dependence on imports. Furthermore, the technology transfer process is underway and the IIL has the capacity and experience to manufacture inactivated viral vaccines on a commercial scale and under biosafety containment, ”he said.
Even as raw materials, packaging materials and single-use consumables for Covaxin’s manufacturing have also been secured to meet its capacity requirements, Bharat Biotech also said that it is exploring manufacturing partnerships with its partners in other countries. who have prior experience with commercial scale manufacturing of inactivated products. viral vaccines under biosafety containment.
In an indication of what the private market price of Covaxin in India might be, the company said that prices for international markets and supplies to governments of various countries under the USA (emergency use authorization) have been set between $ 15-20 per dose.
So far, Covaxin has received USA in countries like Mexico, Philippines, Iran, Paraguay, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Guyana, Venezuela, Botswana, Zimbabwe, even as USA is in process in more than 60 countries, including USA and Europe .
The company said it was able to expand Covaxin’s manufacturing capabilities in a short period of time primarily due to the availability of new specially designed BSL-3 facilities that have been repurposed, as well as pre-existing experience and knowledge to manufacture, test and launch highly purified inactivated viral vaccines.
“Inactivated vaccines, while highly safe, are extremely complex and expensive to manufacture, resulting in lower yields compared to live virus vaccines. Expanding capacity in vaccine manufacturing is a long and tedious process, requiring investments of several million rupees and several years, ”he said.
The protocols for manufacturing, testing and releasing inactivated vaccines have been tried, tested and validated on several of our vaccines, these also meet the requirements of the WHO, India and other regulatory authorities, he added.

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