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Vera Gedroits: Google honors Russian surgeon Dr. Vera Gedroits with a doodle | India News


NEW DELHI: Google on Monday honored the life of Russian surgeon, teacher, poet and author, Dr. Vera Gedroits, on her 151st birthday with a doodle.
Gedroits is credited with being the nation’s first military surgeon and one of the world’s first surgical professors.
She was also the first woman to work as a doctor in the Imperial Palace of Russia.
During the Russo-Japanese War, his initiative to perform abdominal surgeries against established policies changed the way medicine was performed on the battlefield.
She pioneered the application of laparotomy for the treatment of abdominal wounds on the front lines.
During her time as a teacher, she was also the author of several medical articles on nutrition and surgical treatments.
Gedroits also published multiple collections of poems and various non-fiction works, including the 1931 memoirs simply titled “Life.”
The book told the story of her journey that led to service at the front in 1904.
The hospital in Fokino, Bryansk Oblast was named after Gedroits and a commemorative plaque was dedicated to his memory in front of the former Tsarskoe Selo Palace Hospital in Pushkin, St. Petersburg.

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