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The tweet of the Union Minister, General VK Singh, in search of a bed for Covid + sees ‘brother’ causes a stir | India News


NEW DELHI: Union Minister General VK Singh caused a stir on social media after posting a tweet appearing to ask for help for his ailing brother. He later deleted the tweet and clarified that it was for someone else.
“@Dm_ghaziabad Please look at this. Please help us, my brother needs a bed for the corona treatment. Now beds are not available in Ghaziabad. @shalabhmani @PankajSinghBJP @Gen_VKSingh, ”the retired army general wrote in a tweet that was partially written in Hindi, while tagging the DM from Ghaziabad. Singh is also a BJP deputy from Ghaziabad. The tweet, which was posted around 12:30 pm, was shared by more than 1,000 people in two hours.
Politicians such as Priyanka Chaturvedi from Sena and YB Srivatsa from Congress also cited the tweet to highlight strained healthcare facilities in India. Singh responded to these tweets and wrote around 2.30pm, “Clarification: I tweeted this request so that the district administration can contact the person in need and provide him with the medical care his brother requires. He is not my brother by consanguinity, but by bond of humanity. I think it’s a strange concept to some. ”
Later, Singh also deleted his clarification and attacked the so-called trolls. “I am in awe of the IQ level of the trawl nets (sic) and the faster finger channels. Tweet was forwarded from a tweet to DM and says “please look at this”. The forwarded tweet is in Hindi. The bed needs have been resolved by DM and CMO, therefore, to DM. Suggest correcting your understanding, ”he wrote at 2.42 pm.

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