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India adds 2.7 lakh of Covid cases, surpasses 1.5 crore mark | India News


NEW DELHI: With around 2.7 lakh of new cases added as of 11.20pm, India’s total Covid-19 case count surpassed 1.5 million rupees on Sunday. After the United States, India is the only other country that has crossed this level of cumulative cases.
On Sunday, Maharashtra recorded its highest number of positive cases in a single day at 68,631, bringing the statewide total to 38,39,338. More than 500 coronavirus deaths were reported on Sunday, the highest ever recorded in a single day after seven months and for the first time in the second wave.
For the fourth day in a row, India added more than 2 lakh of daily cases to its overall tally. This week alone saw the net addition of 15 lakh, which is 10% of India’s total Covid-19 count. The increase in cases has been exponential in the last week, since the 15 billion cases added between April 11 and April 18 are more than 14.5 billion cases added in the last two months (February and March) together.
For the sixth consecutive day, the country reports more than a thousand deaths a day. In the past seven days, India has seen more than 8,000 cumulative deaths. Since the beginning of the outbreak, 1.8 lakh people have died due to Covid-induced complications.
Comparison of cases at the state level shows that Maharashtra remains the worst affected state with more than 68,000 cases reported in a single day. UP and Delhi are the second and third most affected state / UT in terms of daily cases and these two together accounted for around 56,000 cases, almost similar to the extent of the cases reported in Maharashtra.

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