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Hong Kong bans flights from India, Pakistan and the Philippines for 2 weeks | India News


HONG KONG: Hong Kong will suspend flights from India, Pakistan and the Philippines from April 20 for two weeks after the mutant Covid-19 strain N501Y was detected in the Asian financial center for the first time, authorities said in a statement. Sunday night.
All three countries would be classified as “extremely high risk” after there were several imported cases that brought the strain to Hong Kong in the past 14 days, the government said.
The city reported 30 new coronavirus cases on Sunday, 29 of which were imported, marking the highest daily figure since March 15. Hong Kong has recorded more than 11,600 cases in total and 209 deaths.
Hong Kong authorities have been urging residents to get vaccinated against the coronavirus with only about 9% of the 7.5 million Hong Kong residents vaccinated so far.
Last week, the government expanded the city’s vaccination scheme to include people between the ages of 16 and 29 for the first time, as it aims to boost low demand for vaccines among residents.
The airlines affected by Hong Kong’s ban on travelers from India, Pakistan and the Philippines include airlines such as Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Airlines, Vistara and Cebu Pacific.

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