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Revoking Notice on Shooting Coverage, EGI Tells Jammu and Kashmir Police | India News


NEW DELHI: The Publishers Guild of India said Saturday that the Kashmir police should withdraw their warning against live reports of the encounters. In a statement calling the police action “draconian and undemocratic,” the Guild said police had prohibited journalists from reporting live encounters with militants “on the misleading argument that it is” likely to incite violence. “or that could promote” anti-national activities “. sentiment ‘”.
“Nothing could be further from the truth. Visibly, the police are giving the impression that they are trying to keep the peace by trying to control the consequences of violence in a very nervous environment, but what they are doing instead is a attempt by the security forces to escape any kind of media scrutiny on the flow of events behind the violence, ”the Guild said in a statement.
He also said that live reporting is one of the most important journalistic tasks of any responsible media.
The EGI said that the police can, at best, issue some guidelines regarding the reporting of such scenes, “with the aim of protecting the integrity of the tactics and plans of the security agencies” and also to prevent journalists from interfering with the evolving situation and sensationalizing the issue. that could arouse emotions in the public.
Referring to the Kashmir police order as one that challenged the stellar role that journalists in the country have played in covering the conflict, the Guild also said the police must withdraw the order immediately.

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