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PM calls for focus on “test, trace, treat” strategy to combat the second wave of Covid-19 | India News


VARANASI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked officials in his parliamentary constituency to focus on getting the first lab test reports of Covid-19 samples and contract tracing as part of the strategy: “ test, track and treat ” adopted to combat the first wave. of the pandemic.
While reviewing exercises to combat the Covid-19 threat in his parliamentary constituency in a virtual meeting with state government officials, local administration, and health department officials on Sunday afternoon, he made it very clear that all machinery will have to work with the same strategy that had been adopted in the first wave of Covid-19.
He emphasized ensuring early results of samples that are analyzed in laboratories and contract monitoring of infected people to avoid escalating the problem. He asked officials to take responsibility for caring for patients in home isolation with sensitivity.
Modi asked officials for details about testing, beds at the Covid facility, availability of drugs, vaccines, labor, and other arrangements.
He said that the expansion and modernization of medical infrastructure, which took place in the last five or six years, we are helping to fight the pandemic.
He said that the number of beds in Covid facilities, ventilators and oxygen availability is increasing in Varanasi in view of the growing number of patients.
PM asked officials to rush to expand all services for patients, as they had demonstrated by establishing the Kashi Covid Response Center.
He called on people to strictly follow the rule of wearing a mask and keeping a distance of two meters. He also asked officials to ensure that the maximum number of people in the age group category over 45 are vaccinated under the ongoing campaign.

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