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Oxygen Express: Railways to Create a Green Corridor for the Rapid Movement of Oxygen | India News


NEW DELHI: Amid reports of oxygen shortages in several states affected by a series of Covid infections, Indian railways said on Sunday they will operate “Oxygen Express” trains to transport medical oxygen and cylinders through key corridors.
In a statement, the Ministry of Railways said it is fully prepared to transport liquid medical oxygen (LMO) and oxygen cylinders to ensure an adequate supply.
He said states like Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh had approached the ministry to explore whether liquid oxygen tankers could be moved via trains.
“The railroads immediately explored the technical feasibility of transporting LMOs. LMOs must be transported via Roll On Roll Off (RO RO) service with tank trucks placed in flat wagons.
“Due to the height restrictions of Road Over Bridges (ROB) and Over Head Equipment (OHE) in certain places, outside of the various tank truck specifications, the tank truck model T 1618 with a height of 3320 was considered feasible mm placed in flat wagons (DBKM) with a height of 1290 mm ”, he said.
He said that subsequent tests were carried out at various locations and it was found that it was possible to perform movements in some sections depending on the clearances.
“After the completion of the technical tests, the empty tank trucks will be moved from Kalamboli / Boisar, railway stations in and near Mumbai, and will be sent to Vizag and Jamshedpur / Rourkela / Bokaro, for oxygen tank truck loading. liquid doctor, “he said.
The ministry said ramps should be built in Vizag, Angul and Bhilai and the existing ramp in Kalamboli should be strengthened to facilitate transportation.
“The Kalamboli ramp would be ready on April 19. The ramps at other locations would also be ready in a couple of days when the tankers arrive at those locations,” he said.

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